Nick & Kelcey

Hoping to Adopt


Hi there! Our names are Nick and Kelcey and we are hoping to grow our family through adoption. Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about us and our family!

We currently live in Western New York with Nick's biological daughter Abby, our dog Henry and our two cats, Tubby and Neville. We are both teachers at the same school and met there in 2009 when we started working there the same year. We were good friends for several years and then started dating in 2013. After three years of dating, buying a house, a year engagement and many adventures in between, we got married on July 8, 2017.

Why Adoption?

After about a year of marriage, we decided that wanted to try to grow our family. We tried to naturally, and then with the help of fertility appointments with no success. After some soul-searching, we decided that adoption was the path for us. Instead of using science to give us the chance for a biological child, we decided that we want to grow our family and raise a child together; it is not important whether that child has the same genetics. Living in a blended family already has shown us that love makes a family, not biology. While the path to growing our family has not been easy or gone like we thought it would, it seems like everything was meant to be. We are so excited, hopeful, and nervous to start our adoption journey.

Looking for...

Age: Newborn- 6 months old.

Gender: Any

Race/Ethnicity: All

Multiple Children: Open to twins or siblings.

Special Needs: Open to!

Post- Adoption Contact: Open to all contact (phone calls, in-person visits, photos, letters, etc.)